What is our proven system?

Within the marketing mix, we primarily focus on Customer Relations Management, where we ensure that your consumer is treated like you want to be treated.  It has been proven that “human communication” is much more effective that “automated communication”.  People want to feel special, want to hear a voice, see a face.

Is there a long-term contract?

No. But you will be so pleased with our service that you won’t need to. However, in the rare occasion that you decide to go on your own, a 30 day notice of cancellation, it’s good enough for us

Where do you provide service?

Anywhere in the United States

How much is this going to cost?

There’s an old saying:  “You don’t pay us for what we do, you pay us for what we know”.. now this may be true, but a bit disrespectful.   We much rather say: “ You compensate us for our results”.  We provide you with the equivalent of a marketing team of medium sized firm for the cost of one administrative assistant.

Where do I sign?

We wish it was that easy...in fact it is that easy!  Give us a call.  If you are in Southern California we will meet in person, if not, we will schedule an initial Virtual Meeting and if it all makes sense, we will meet in person.