Business Implementation For Solo and Small Law Firms

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Your Clients

  • Complain that you do not return their calls.

  • Call while you are busy with another client's matter or while you are in court.

  • Call after hours when you are not available.

  • Love to call to ramble on and on and you wish you had the time to listen but you can't.

Your Workflow

  • You Wish you could stretch your working day and get more work done.

  • You Wish you had more administrative support, messaging services and secretarial assistance.

Our Integrated Solution


Communication (via phone, email and/or text messages) ,on your behalf, to  YOUR ACTIVE AND FORMER CLIENTS,  as much as needed to reinforce YOUR CLIENTS that they are the most important asset to you as well as to remind them of your dedication and your quality of services and availability.


Digital Organization of  YOUR CLIENTS'  files, on your behalf and according to your specifications and guidance, so that you can have round the clock virtual and remote access to your files.

Documents management,  under your direction and specification, for your ACTIVE CLIENTS'  files.

Convey, on your behalf and under your guidance, with your ACTIVE CLIENTS regarding updates and other messages to facilitate communication. 

Communication, on your behalf and according to your direction, with third parties, such as insurance companies, depending on your needs and practice area.

We provide administrative assistance and support staff, including receptionist, messaging services and administrative  assistance, available 19 hours a day, 7 days a week.


We, in no way want to substitute or dismiss your staff, what we want to be is YOUR MARKETING AND ADMINISTRATIVE  partner, hence your ALLY.   And your investment is a fraction of a full-time employee with years of experience, which you could multiply with increased business over a very short period of time.

OUR service is available 19 hours a-day, 7-days a week.